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Faculty Advisory Committee Members:

Tal Golan

Associate Professor of History

Director, Law and Society Interdisciplinary Program

Tal Golan specializes in the history of science in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in the relations between science, technology and law. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (1997), with a Ph.D.in the History of Science and he taught at the Ben Gurion University before coming to UCSD in 2004.

Emily Roxworthy

Provost , Earl Warren College
Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies

The provost is a tenured member of the UCSD faculty who serves as chief executive officer of the college. The provost is responsible for developing college curriculum, evaluating faculty for promotion, and overseeing all aspects of college life. The provost provides leadership for Warren College at UCSD as well as in the community, and serves as a link to college alumni around the nation.

Farrell Ackerman

Professor of Linguistics

Research Interests: Morphological theory, syntactic theory, lexical semantics, Uralic languages, first language acquisition.

Thomas Barton

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law

Barton has published numerous articles and essays dealing with legal and political philosophy, legal sociology, and problem solving. During law school, he was a member of the Cornell Law Review. Barton practiced taxation and antitrust law in New York state before studying the common law as a problem-solving institution at Cambridge.

Michal Belknap

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law
Adjunct Professor of History

Belknap is an adjunct professor of history at the University of California, San Diego, and taught public law in New Zealand as part of California Western's exchange program with Victoria University. His particular interest is the history of civil rights and civil liberties in 20th century America, an area in which he has written extensively.

Laurence Benner

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law
Visiting Professor of Political Science

Professor Benner has been an active participant, educator, and problem solver in the criminal justice arena for over three decades. His scholarship has been cited in the United States Supreme Court and excerpted in leading textbooks on criminal justice and procedure. THE OTHER FACE OF JUSTICE, which he co-authored, has been nationally recognized as a basic resource on the administration of criminal justice.

David Brink

Professor of Philosophy

My research interests are in ethical theory, history of ethics, and jurisprudence.

Gerald Doppelt

Professor of Philosophy

My research interests in political theory focus on developing a philosophical dialogue between liberal and radical conceptions of social justice and social theory itself. This also involves an interest in explicating Marxism as a distinctive approach to philosophical problems such as that of fact-value, knowledge-ideology, and normative ethics.

Richard Finkmoore

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law
Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies

Finkmoore practiced law for 10 years, including seven years as partner in a law firm handling a variety of civil matters with an emphasis in real estate and land-use law.

Since joining the California Western faculty in 1988, Finkmoore has served as faculty adviser to the Environmental Law Society, performed pro bono work for the Defenders of Wildlife, and taught at the National Judicial College. He also teaches regularly at the University of California, San Diego.

Fonna Forman

Associate Professor of Political Science

Kelly Gates

Associate Professor in Communication and Science Studies

Valerie Hartouni

Professor of Communication

Robert Horwitz

Professor of Communication

I have been interested in democracy, the state, and political reform.

I also have an abiding interest in American free speech and communication law, and have published a few essays in this area, several of which are listed below. I am currently beginning to work on issues of industry concentration and how to think about the recent spate of mergers and acquisitions in the communications industry.

Alan Houston

Professor of Political Science

A political theorist, Houston's research focuses on the development of liberal, republican, and democratic ideas in Europe and America. His interests also include legal theory and constitutional law.

Kwai Ng

Assistant Professor of Sociology

His research interests are in the scoiology of law, law and culture, and the legal systems of China and Hong Kong.

Michael Parrish

Professor of History

Focuses on the legal and constitutional history of the United States and twentieth century American political reform trends since the Progressive Era.

Patrick H. Patterson

Assistant Professor of History

Specializes in 19th- and 20th-century Eastern Europe, and the Balkans, with emphasis on cultural and political history, nationalism and ethnicity, and religion.

Samuel Rickless

Professor of Philosophy

Research Interests: Early modern philosophy, particularly Descartes and Locke, ethics and constitutional law.

Sanford Schane

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

My current research is devoted to legal studies and to English orthography. I believe that the latter type of research has relevance to the teaching of reading and spelling, and I would like for this work to become accessible to elementary and secondary teachers as well as to lay persons.

Glenn Smith

Professor of Law, California Western School of Law
Visiting Professor of Political Science

Professor Smith's background reflects a continuous interest in the intersection of law, government, and politics.

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